Saper Lock
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We guarantee cost-saving effect and safety!

Worldwide Patent registered
  • - Selflocking Locknuts
  • - Reusable
  • - Never Loose!
  • - Cost saving
  • - Simple & Easy
  • - NAS-3350 Vibration Test
  • - No hurt to bolt
  • - NET (New Excellent Technology)
  • - Model : M6~M42
  • - Size : B10 ~ B70
  • - Materials : 10A,45C,SCM415,SCM435
  • - Plating : Zinc plate, Applied plate, Nickel plate
Summary of Saper Lock
  • - In its tightening procedure, the thread and the frictional direction of the spring function in positive direction.
  • - In its loosening procedure, if you use the special took, it eliminate the friction of the spring and therefore has no damage on the nut.

Why Easy!

When you try to undo the nuts by trying to unscrew the nuts, the inserted spring will get into the friction with the bolt and it never going to be loose due to spring's clamping force.
To undo the nuts, you can use normal undoing tools available anywhere in the market
(See the right picture)

Why Safe?

Improvement effect of Saper Lock
  • - Perfect prevention of loosening in extreme shock and vibration
  • - Powerful resistance to loosening in case of forced loosening
  • - Loose proof effect even in the condition of disconformity
  • - Damage proof in process of tightening or loosening
Approved for Shock-Vibration-Loose proof test.
The test paper of Saper Lock

Why Reusable?

Compared to the ordinary nuts which are usable only for 1~5 times,
The Saper Lock uses its special tool and can be reused until its lifetime.
Saper Lock is developed to use its special tool for tightening and loosening the nuts and also has loose proof ability without damaging the spiral axis.
It has stronger clamping force and the special spring is applied therefore the nut won't be loosened by extreme shock or vibration from outside.